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Parking Lot Maintenance

If you own a retail store and have a parking lot you probably have or will at some point need parking lot maintenance. A mixture of weather and the weight in tons of cars that drive on it will cause distress to the parking lot. As such, parking lot maintenance will be needed in order to have your asphalt last for up to 30-40 years.

When you begin to notice cracks on your property it is important to address it as soon as possible. Open cracks on the pavement make room for water to seep into the crack. The water that gets in will damage the the make up of the asphalt creating more distress and damage. Asphalts top layer is supposed to protect it from the elements, but cracks create ways for the elements to come in and cause further damage. This is why it is important to take protective measures to keep cracks from occurring.

It is important to get your parking lot sealcoated every 5 years. Sealcoating helps to put a protective layer on the asphalt. This protective layer helps to ward off some of the damage that comes from weather, including intense UV from the sun, and also the wear and tear of use of the asphalt parking lot. Not getting your parking lot seal coated will leave your parking lot vulnerable to cracks and pot holes.

Once your pavement gets distressed to the point of unrepair it is a good idea to use FDR. FDR stands for Full Depth Reclamation. FDR is an environmentally friendly approach and is typically a cost effective approach to getting your pavement done. In FDR, your existing pavement is crushed and recycled so that it can be mixed in and reused to pave your parking lot.

One thing to consider with your pavement is to ensure there is proper drainage. With out proper drainage water can pool onto the asphalt and if water pools it can cause distress to the asphalt. Making sure your asphalt is properly constructed in the beginning will make a big difference.

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